Hyundai Australia has advised that spot welding when replacing welded panels on Hyundai vehicles in Australia during the repair process is an acceptable repair method, as long as the following criteria are met.

NOTE: This information is an overview only, please read and understand all recommendations in the Hyundai repair manual in regards to welding and safety.

  1. Inverter Spot Welding machines must be used.
  2. If the equipment can nip at all points then it is ok to utilise the spot welder, if not use a CO2gas Shielded- arc welder to make the plug welds.
  3. If the total thickness at the area to be welded is 3 mm (0.12in) or more, use a CO2gas shielded- arc welder to make the plug welds.   
    2014 07 hyundai spot welds* Image from Hyundai
  4. Before spot welding on vehicle do a trial weld to confirm strength of weld using steel the same as that to be welded on the vehicle.
  5. When spot welding 30% (1.3 times the original number of welds) are to be used.
  6. Spot weld in the middle of the joint.

For any further information please contact the IAG Research Centre on (02) 9292 6840