MAY 2013 

2013 05 Toyota Prado1

2013 05 Toyota Prado2
There appears to be an issue with the 120 series Toyota Prado tailgate skin separating from the frame over time. The issue seems to be due to the weight of the tailgate and its fittings loading up on the lower section of the tailgate skin near the bottom hinge, forcing the skin to separate from the frame.

The rectification issue has been raised with the Toyota Motor Company Australia however their response is that they only offer a 12 month warranty on these parts. If the part is out of the warranty period, the Toyota Motor Company Australia will not cover any rectification costs.

When a tailgate separation occurs on a Toyota Prado 120 series, it is advisable to check whether the tail gate is still under warranty. If not, it is recommended that some welds be added to the tailgate skin/frame seam in the area of the lower tailgate hinge to prevent the issue occurring in the future.