MARCH 2005

This Bulletin relates to the passenger side airbag deployment on Suzuki Swift built from 12/2004 onwards.

After firing, the rear of the passenger airbag module reaches temperatures substantial enough to melt the plug connecting the passenger airbag to the harness. The fix for this was to replace the full airbag wiring harness, a parts cost of $411.14 plus GST.

In recognition of the component and labour costs in changing over the full harness, Suzuki has a modified repair procedure.

Figure 1. shows the condition of the wiring harness following the deployment. Note how the terminal connecting the passenger’s airbag has melted to the back of the module. This condition seems isolated to the passenger’s side only as the driver’s side has a smaller bag requiring a lesser charge and therefore a reduction in the heat transfer to the plug.

Figure 2. shows the replacement wiring section (in purple) connected to the harness. Note the replacement section has 2 connectors instead of the 1 on the original harness.

The melted connector is cut off the wiring harness also shown in figure 2.

Figure 3. shows the cut away wiring section (coloured red) attached via electrical tape to the airbag harness. Suzuki has advised us that their service and spare parts networks may be unaware of this modified repair procedure. They recommend that we quote the part number (see below) for the patch when authorising repairs to the SRS as it is likely not to show on their parts system or repair manuals.

Part No. - 36691-63J00
List Price - $88.32

Should you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact Industry Research on externally 02 9292-6843 or internally 26843.

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2006 03 suzuki swift2

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