2009 09 holden cruze front bumper2The front bumper impact beam on the Holden Cruze is attached with a combination of resistance spot welds and bolts.

The replacement procedure recommended by Holden involves cutting off the beam to access spot welds, then drilling out the welds before undoing the bolts.

The IAG Research Centre performed a removal and replacement observation in the course of conducting an RCAR bumper impact test.

Holden’s procedure avoids the removal of the radiator core and the air conditioning condenser as the spot welds do not need to be replaced. This saves considerable labour and is more environmentally friendly.

A Body Repair Manual containing the recommended replacement procedure will be available through Holden dealers in the near future. In the meantime, repairers and assessors should contact the IAG Research Centre.

For any further information please contact the IAG research centre on (02) 9292 6843.

Acknowledgement: Information supplied by Holden Ltd.2009 09 holden cruze front bumper1